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Male Escort - Fact or Fiction?

There is a perception that one of the new growth areas in business and personal relationships is for the male escort. Having spent the last two years researching this phenomenon we have discovered that the demand for male escorts is more to do with the male ego than genuine female generated interest.


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When we first completed a search of male escorts agencies on the web over two years ago we have today discovered that over half of them have now disappeared. Most of the male escort agencies appeared to be set up by private individuals promoting themselves and a few friends. One can only assume that due to the lack of female orders, the renewal costs of re-registering their web sites was not worth it.


Having genuinely tried to set up our own working Male Escort Agency with the help of a current practicing male escort actually living the life, we discovered that we were simply pandering to the males desire for a perfect job rather than obtaining interest for male escorts from the ladies - quite simply we failed.


Now this could be due to our own inefficiencies or there really is not that amount of demand for male escorts from real ladies. Success in the male escort arena is very limited and appears to be more locally focussed with word of mouth recommendations rather than a mass of females scouring the internet.


However, there are some real long term Male Escort Agencies still on the web that give the impression that they are able to supply male escorts with work. Some even have testimonials from clients and television so it must be true? One of our colleagues registered with two of the most established and reliable looking agencies and guess what - he has so far been unable to receive any leads or work from females requesting his male escort services for over two years. Therefore, our conclusion is that that there may well be a demand for male escorts but, the volume of males willing to pursue this dream job far out numbers the reality of the female demand.


So, should you register with any of these male escort Agencies for work? If the registration fees are minimal and you are satisfied with their set up and level of security, then it may be worth a punt BUT do not expect any instant or regular work. Treat it as an exploratory venture and a bonus if you do actually receive any male escort work.


Combine this with other more normal socialising and networking techniques and a few small ads in the local personal columns then you may have all the bases covered. With regard to fees, very few earn massive sums pandering to the demands of highly paid City female executives - you are more likely to be servicing to the needs of an obese sweaty female desperate for some male attention.



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